hot takes 12-29

I was ill over the holidays and wasn’t able to check twitter but it held up just fine without me.

Aeon: Why bullshit is no laughing matter

Good piece on vigilance of ಠ_ಠ in what you’re reading. tl;dr, all inspirational quotes are clickbait bullshit.

[…] If we were to add up every word in every scholarly piece of work published prior to the Enlightenment, this number would still pale in comparison with the number of words used to promulgate bullshit on the internet in the 21st century alone.

If you find your head nodding, start shaking it. I’m bullshitting you.

it me


NYT: Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking

In the end, Mr. Obama decided to expand an executive order that he issued in April 2015, after the Sony hacking. He signed it in Hawaii on Thursday morning, specifically giving himself and his successor the authority to issue travel bans and asset freezes on those who “tamper with, alter, or cause a misappropriation of information, with a purpose or effect of interfering with or undermining election processes or institutions.”

COOL. Probably won’t be used broadly or out of context. Nooooope.

sorry for the 😑 take on this but expanding executive power isn’t awesome or timely.

The Concourse: The Year In Ted Cruz Humiliations

The best year-in-review thus far.

And since we’re all pretty upset about Carrie, here’s one of my favorites

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Carrie Fisher 2013, Jan 18th

The best.


hot takes 12/21

I finally got up the gumption to catch up on my political podcasts today. All because avoiding anything about UofL v UK was paramount.

Those 🔥 🍑 takes are for tomorrow.

A Conversation with the Busiest Person in Politics: Alex, Trump Store Manager

… in case you wanted one of those ornaments.

or a racist hat.

Why I Hate Thursday Night Football

Richard Sherman is woke af. This is a topic that should wash over college football, maybe even more than the NFL. Dudes have classes, papers, homework, exams, and no millions of dollars. Hotel rooms suck for focus.

Scott Baio’s take is now in …

And while the university may be floundering in a pile of unethical bile, UofL beat UK in 🏀 tonight and imma celebrate.


hot takes 12-20

I took a little break and actually enjoyed this weekend of not thinking about bad stuff. But the takes just keep on a’comin’. There are more, recent things, but I wanted to make sure to squeeze these in.

This Trump voter didn’t think Trump was serious about repealing her health insurance

The bit that got me — when asked ‘why trump’:

Well … we liked him because he just seemed to be a businessman.

We’re in a small, rural area where there’s not a lot of businesses right now going on, and so we can’t really have anything else shut down, because it affects everybody.

I guess I always just thought that it would be there. I was thinking that once it was made into a law that it could not be changed, but I guess it can? Yes?

This person has a family member with a bad liver insured under obamacare. But the economy turned around without coal, and they don’t think of healthcare as a government service, so: Jobs.


Slate’s Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick: Where We Draw the Line

Good convo on voter suppression legality in the first half that’s pretty enlightening. Interview with Marc Elias, lawyer who represented a few recent gerrymandering cases.

Meanwhile, UofL is burning, so my degree may be null soon.

AND V IMPORTANT TAKES FOR THE WEEK *The Incomparable*talks about Rogue One.

It's lit.

The Incomparable: 331: I Refuse To Call It a Prequel

Honestly, even though this was literally a story of guerrilla warfare and an evil empire, a new Star Wars movie was a nice escape.