We Don’t Do The Same Drugs No More

Ohhhhhhhh we back. Sorry kids, I’ve been in a coma but was revived by a dope, and extremely American eclipse 🇺🇸. Where were we?

McConnell, in private, unsure Trump can salvage his presidency Herald-Leader

McConnell, while baffled at Trump’s penchant for internecine attacks, is a ruthless pragmatist and has given no overt indication that he plans to seek more drastic conflict. Despite his private battles with Trump, McConnell has sent reassuring signals with his public conduct: On Monday, he appeared in Louisville, Kentucky, with Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, for a discussion of tax policy.

Interview: How Corey Long fought white supremacy with fire The Root

“Long said the only weapon he had was a can of spray paint that a white supremacist threw at him earlier, so he took a lighter to the spray paint and turned it into a flame thrower. And a photographer snapped the photo.

But inside of every photograph there’s an untold story. If you look closely at Long’s picture, there’s an elderly white man standing in between Long and his friend. The unknown man was part of the counterprotests too, but was afraid, and Long and his friends were trying to protect him. Even though, Long says, those who were paid to protect the residents of Charlottesville were doing just the opposite.”

Make a statue of this man.

Fire Steve Bannon Rolling Stone

Kuttner also noted that Bannon, as media-savvy a person as there is in that White House, didn’t even bring up the issue of whether or not the call was on the record.

Was that an oversight? It seemed unlikely, given that exactly such an impromptu on-the-record phone call just got Anthony Scaramucci guillotined.

I reached out to Kuttner and asked what he thought.

“I honestly think he messed up and forgot to put the conversation off the record, and treated it as a candid strategy talk with a comrade,” Kuttner said. “It came across as part candid strategy session and part stream of consciousness.”

And so he was fired.

But don’t worry, the state and local level is where real meaningful policy is m …

Kentuckians sue Gov. Matt Bevin for blocking them on Twitter and Facebook CJ

His official Facebook page has blocks on more than 300 accounts, and on Twitter nearly 300 accounts have been blocked from following the governor’s official @GovMattBevin account.


Anyway we were told that dark times produced the greatest in artistic expression and baby here it is.