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CJ Terminal Velocity? McConnell skips airport protest

Alas, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, who was on the same flight, said someone stopped McConnell as he got off the plane and told the Senate majority leader to wait. He didn’t leave through the airport terminal like everyone else, unless he waited for a really long time. (You can maybe do that if you are the Senate majority leader, or if your wife is secretary of transportation, apparently.)


So Sunergos decided to stop carrying the LEO Weekly this week, apparently deciding coincidentally (or not) right before a Valentine’s Day issue featuring content of a number of newly married LGBT couples, with one couple featured on the cover.

LEO Dark coffee: LEO’s expulsion from Sunergos, the facts and why you should care

While we disagree and are disappointed with the coffee business’ decision, we feel it is important to defend its right to carry, or not carry, any publication it chooses. We also want to make sure that the business is not unjustly criticized for dropping us because of this issue, or the beautiful cover.


Regardless of which or any issue that Sunergos decides is the final straw, it’s a bad look. The fact is that the conservative post-denomenational radical-baptist hipsters are the cornerstone of the local coffee business (which is 💯  wrt quality).

Insider Louisville Bill would allow concealed guns in Kentucky schools and on college campuses

It’s not yet clear how that bill would intersect with Senate Bill 7, which would allow people as young as 18 to carry concealed guns without any permits or training. That bill faces opposition from some law enforcement and might be changed, legislators have said.

Even R’s are fighting to prove just how much more they love gun.

Betsy DeVos
Betsy DeVos

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