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Cards lost to the Irish last night, and Grayson Allen is back from his “indefinite” suspension. So, bummer way to end a bummer day in KY.

WFPL: Lawmakers Still Crafting Bill To Codify Bevin’s U of L Overhaul

Bevin’s office maintains that the governor has broad powers to temporarily reorganize university boards while the legislature isn’t in session. Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd disagreed last fall, saying that the governor’s abolishment of the U of L board amounted to a wholesale firing of the school’s trustees.

Small gubment.

Meanwhile, our sitting president published an article about criminal justice reform in the Harvard Law Review today.

Harvard Law Review: The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice is a complex system, administered at all levels of government and shaped by a range of actors. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of so many in my Administration, the bipartisan push for reform from federal, state, and local officials, and the work of so many committed citizens outside government, America has made important strides. We have reduced overlong sentences for offenders and removed barriers for those with criminal records. We have made progress in helping people, especially young people, avoid getting entangled in the justice system in the first place.

What’d you do today?

Slate’s Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick: Corruption in the White House

If you’re interested in free speech (PRO TIP: you damn well better be), the second half of this episode has 👌🏾 snippets from the The 2016 Jefferson Symposium. I’ll be listening to all of the them over the next few days.

Me? I’m just gonna sit here and listen to Boxer, eat leftover chili, and rock back and forth.