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KY Congressional Assembly started today and they ain’t wasting time.

Lexington Herald Leader: Abortion ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy put on fast track in Kentucky Senate

Stivers said his personal preference would be to ban abortions starting at a date before 20 weeks.

“This is my belief: there are two viable beings involved,” he said. “One had a choice early on to make a decision to conceive or not. Once conception starts, another life is involved, and the legislature has the ability to determine how that life proceeds.”

Hard not to hear ‘she shouldn’t have had sex’ in there.

There’s also this proven winner coming around the bend.

[…] amend KRS 7.100 to require that the Legislative Research Commission designate every multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility it controls to only be used by persons based on their biological sex […]


Blazing tired, thoroughly blazed garbage trails here, comrades.

On the flip side, awesome to see this.


You gotta give it to him.

Renewing Medium’s focus

So, we are shifting our resources and attention to defining a new model for writers and creators to be rewarded, based on the value they’re creating for people. And toward building a transformational product for curious humans who want to get smarter about the world every day.

I had actually been flirting with moving all of this over to Medium as my primary platform. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Day 1.