hot-takes 1-3

The morning after the House tried to gut the Independent Ethics Office in a private meeting, errbody called Mr. Goodlatte.

So they walked it back. Nice work, phone havers.

I think we earned this one.

The Hill: Ryan asks lawmaker’s son to stop ‘dabbing’

Ryan can be heard in the video asking if the young man was all right.

“Do you want to put your hand down?” Ryan asks. “Are you going to sneeze?”

*kisses fingers until 2018*

(via Barry T. Smith)

NYT: How Russians Pay to Play in Other Countries

“The Russians systematically fill any open space, and they try to expand it,” said Martin Stropnicky, the Czech defense minister. “They have years of practice, and they are not in a hurry.”

Fascinating stuff in here. I think this is the old one with Spectre, except I like Christoph Waltz better.

The new congress is here.

WLKY: State legislature to convene Tuesday

“There are a lot of social issues that we will tackle eventually, but right now we want to stay focused. We want people to have a job. Nobody cares what bathroom you go into if they can’t get a job,” House Majority Whip Kevin Bratcher (R), said.

Classy. Should be an interesting session. This guy now has his seat and nameplate.

Anyway, football season is ending and the championship is coming and I hope they both lose [though one a bit more (NSFW)], so here are some basketball jollies.