hot takes 12/13

Slow morning yielded some good stuff.

First, that < thread > from yesterday was 🔥 today.

Oldie but goodie from last week.

Jurich threatens to leave Yum! Center and build on-campus arena due to ‘criminal’ rhetoric

just gonna highlight this bit that I missed last week.

In the middle of his criticism of unnamed city leaders, Jurich added that “I really appreciate this governor, and I want to do anything that I can to help and support him, but he’s the only one I really want to help.”


Stanford Band Accuses University Of Sanitizing Them To Protect School’s “Well-Manicured Image”

The band chalks all their current trouble up to a mere “pitcher of beer – shared by three of-age band alumni at a friend’s farewell dinner.” That doesn’t address the allegations that the band had a culture of alcohol abuse and hazing, but even though the statement ignores the specifics of their case, their larger-scale points ring true. Stanford is an incredibly staid institution and the band—while a faux-subversive organization with a shoddy sense of humor—is a genuine outlier at a place that strives to be a streamlined Silicon Valley finishing school.

This is all from the band’s suspension, which was passed down this weekend.

"Let’s not even talk about the egregious timing with finals knocking at the door. I for one have never felt so empty inside, as the Stanford band was my safe space, my smultronställe, my everything. I’m left hapless wondering if Stanford actually gives a shit about me.”

Don’t worry, they define it in the next paragraph.

The Run-Up: The Woman Behind The Caricature

Kellyanne Conway sits down with NYT, so it’s worth a listen. Fascinating.

By the way she directly compares Ben Carson to Barack Obama.


iOS 10.2 Emoji Changelog

Most important takeaways: the jeans are cuffed and the peach is still an 🍑.

Better spiral day today.