hot takes 12/12

My political spirals aren’t getting better. I’m constantly distracted by news about the new Prez-elect and the impending wave that is coming after inauguration.

I’m reading a lot and rarely documenting. So here is some of it, with a bit of my own bullshit thrown in for good measure.

Slate’s Trumpcast: The Good Fight

💯 episode on the implication of DT administration on other young democracies globally. There’s a knee-jerk, Stockholm syndrome-y tendency to lump baby-hands in with a number of other despotic dudes without acknowledging the example the American Republic lends. This ain’t Poland, basically.

Long damn thread rofl lulz. But “Now is the time for Patriots” is cool. Read it or don’t.

Update: it’s now a meme.

Update: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At least there was this thing to think about.

Even among other Heisman winners, Jackson is in elite company.


Oh and if you haven’t already read the WaPo coverage of the Russia election extravaganza, I’m not sure you belong here.

Anyway, that’s it for today. ✌🏾