wasting time

There’s a span of time in my day that is becoming increasingly hard to fill. As I grow older and less sociable (at least on a daily basis) I find myself often twiddling my thumbs from the time I stop working until dinner. Around 5pm, I shut down my work computer, and wonder what it is I should do now that I’m free from the chains of salary time. Sometimes it’s watching an episode of Seinfeld. Sometimes it’s a hike. Often it’s a drink or two until C gets home.

Productivity is a burden we all carry in a world of capitalism and Protestant Word Ethic. We feel that every minute of our time should be tied to production; time is, after all, money.

I need a hobby. Something that’s fun, relaxing, and shuts off my mind without being a waste of it.

Which means it sure as hell shouldn’t be writing this.