There Were No Bears

It was cold out, but it wasn’t raining, so Clare and I decided to take a walk up to Frankfort avenue. I had only had one cup of coffee and she was interested in buying some greeting cards and such things at the bookstore. We watched The Revenant last night, so we were feeling the itch to be a bit more rugged, choosing to make the walk of roughly a mile on foot. It was blustery, but not brutal. And we definitely hadn’t been mauled by a bear (recently).

After hemming and hawing about next steps after books and coffee we decided to be impulsive and jump on the bus for NULU. We stopped in a few shops, bought a few odds and ends, and ended up at a beer store for a warm-up drink. Instead of standing inside, we decided to take our chances outside in the beer garden, which just so happened to contain a number of open air rooms. They were dirty and exposed; the kind of atmosphere you’d expect drinking in an old barn with a few tables and a dim overhead light. It was wonderful, but lonely – no one else chose to brave the cold.

Geoff sipping a delicious beer in a cold biergarten.

We eventually finished our drinks, bussed home, and braved the mile walk back from the bus stop. When we got back inside, we thawed out and feeling returned to our toes.

The whole day was spent in the cold. Not avoiding it, but embracing it – living in it. Instead of hiding from the weather we chose to enjoy it. While it was hardly much of an adventure, it was surely satisfying. Being in the world, feeling cold air in your lungs and the thrill of new, interesting things is much less boring than sitting on the couch watching 30 Rock and eating frozen pizza.

That’s for when you get home.