So it begins.

I’ve wanted to start a project like this for a long time. Blue Vesper is my foray into the world of web publishing.

Okay, so really it’s one more in a long line of abortive attempts to make myself a space online.

I’ve had a personal site for a long time. An aggregate of social media stuffs, a resume, a portfolio, all that good stuff. But I’ve wanted there to be a place for a while that, in short, is my home on the web. My hope is to post prolifically here–an open window into my life on the web (and as much as I can manage off the web as well).

There will be a number of bumps. I’m trying to be as DIY as my abilities will allow, and I’m not perfect. But hopefully it won’t break too often.

I’m not sure what I’ll write here. It’ll run the gamut, surely. But my hope is that nothing–no topic nor agenda–will limit nor constrain what I publish here.

Here we go.

Geoff wrapped in a blanket with headphones, looking overwhelmed.